A note from Sadaya, the camp manager:

Dear Community of Mendocino Sufi Camp

All those in the know, we can revel at what a privilege this camp is to attend and what a joy it is to experience. The rich memories accumulate in my body, heart, and soul, and enrich my existence all year long. This yearly miracle begins far before we gather together to form an oasis in the deep shelter of redwoods. Actually, it begins anew just as soon as one camp ends. Even then, the next one is already beginning to dream itself into being. Pir Shabda has been envisioning and cultivating the beauty of this camp, drawing the spiritual staff together, reflecting on the theme, and concentrating his prayers for its fulfillment for many months already now.

Our Sufi lineage offers precious gifts for ourselves and the world, to experience that essential oneness of our being that we most crave.  Here we are, poised at a critical point in history: what better time to immerse ourselves in the water of life and fortify ourselves with such succulent solace and substance.

 I hope that you will be able to see your way clear to Mendocino Sufi camp. Set your intention and open the way. Let your heart happily anticipate the many splendors of rich vital moments at camp, that unfurl themselves in heaps at your feet like piles of blooming roses replete with beauty and fragrance. It is such a great place to heal and grow!

About the Camp fees:

You may notice that we have needed to raise camp fees this year. The early bird fees have undergone the most modest rise, being only $25 more. The difference between early bird and regular registration; however this year, is MUCH GREATER. so if you need the lower price, we encourage you to be sure to register and pay early this year.

We very much want everyone who wants to come to camp to be able to make it to camp. Remember also that it is possible to do a kind of layaway and make payments starting even now using the easy payment page.

Please know that raising camp fees was not done lightly.  We have kept the payment for camp exactly the same for 5 years — ever since the recession. Meanwhile, though, the expense of hosting camp has steadily increased — campground fees have increased, the cost of utilities, food, etc. It has turned out to be a very clear case. To keep camp fees the same despite the higher cost, would have been to put our dear camp in severe jeopardy. Raising camp fees instead helps assure the camp’s continuity for the foreseeable future. YA FATTAH!!!