Registration is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in the 44th annual Mendocino Sufi Camp, July 15-22 2018.
Registration is closed, as of July 9 at noon (as announced on the camp flyer).

If you have not been to camp before, we’re sorry we can’t accommodate you this year. We hope to see you at next year’s Mendocino Sufi Camp, July 14–21, 2019. May you have a blessed summer!

If you have been to camp before — that is, you know how to get there, don’t need help finding a ride, know what to bring (including a tent, since we aren’t sure we’ll have cabin space for you), and don’t have a lot of questions — you’re still welcome to come to camp if you:

Call us to let us know you’re coming, and when you will arrive. Before Friday July 13, call 510.858.2809. After 3 pm on Saturday, July 14, call 707.937.9962 (the pay phone at camp) and ask for the camp managers. (Please note we won’t be able to receive calls from Friday, July 13 until 3 pm on Saturday, July 14!)

Make sure you bring a check or cash to cover your entire camp fee. (Fee schedule is here)
Because we try to reduce our money-dealings at camp, we will likely not be able to provide change.
If you want to pay with cash, please bring exact change, or be prepared to make a donation of the change you would otherwise be owed.

Contact Information:
Camp managers (will be offline during camp):

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