Join Us For Camp in 2023 !

Main Camp: July 16–23, 2023

Young Adults Retreat: July 16–19, 2023

Consider our online payment options! You can make monthly payments and pave your way to camp, just the way you would join a club or pay a subscription. Though we prefer to receive checks in the mail (because then we receive your full payment, without fees), you are welcome to make electronic payments using (if you want to use a credit card, or can add funds to your PayPal account). If there’s another way you’d like to make payments, you can email us to ask if we can accept them that way.

If you’re a full-time adult, with an early-bird discount, you could pay about $40 each month starting in March 2022, and camp would be all paid for by the end of June 2023!!
(Or start in September 2022, pay $64 per month, and be paid up by the end of June 2023.)

For many of us, smaller, more regular payments are far easier than one large one.
It’s  like a go-to-camp club!

Simply contact the Camp Registrar first, then make your first deposit. Split up the rest of your camp fee however you wish, and create a payment schedule that works for you. We just need the balance paid by July 1, 2023.