Class Descriptions

Channeling Universal Life Energy: Healing Techniques and Yoga — Sadaya Zimmerle
I invite you into my practice. We will revel in universal life energy, as well as cultivate liberation in our bodies, hearts and minds, as we increase our strength, flexibility, and resilience on this journey together. All bodies and states of being are welcome. Class will begin with fifteen minutes of energy healing and expansion work, drawing from various traditions including pranayama, reiki, Donna Eden’s energy medicine, tapping zikr, and more.

Clearing, Being, and Manifesting through Practice and Creative Writing — Amina Meyer
We will use the practices of creative writing, sharing, wazifa, and forest bathing to discover being alive right now. From presence, we will listen to our heart’s desire and write, creating a future that inspires aliveness, alacrity, or whatever you say.

Deeper into the Heart of Love: Dances of Universal Peace — Sadaya Zimmerle and Gayatri Claire Jones
We are so lucky to have been given this amazing way to sing, dance, pray, and commune together — something we get to give ourselves, and also offer the world. Let us immerse ourselves in our canon with its abundant elixirs of melody, movement, and ways of being together and blessing one another. We will seek to balance quality and depth of experience with openness and sharing, so there is room for different hearts to lead dances, as we ever ripen in this practice together. Feel free to find Gayatri or Sadaya outside of the class if you think it would helpful to you to prepare with someone, or have some musical/dance mentoring support.

Embodied Movement — Gayatri Claire Jones
I am excited to bring to camp an adaptation of a practice I have enjoyed deeply for many years.
This embodied movement class comes originally from the practice of Authentic Movement.
In this class, there is a deep listening to and following of one’s own inner guidance.
The movement may just be internal, or can lead to external movement, sound, toning, rhythm.
Along with that, there will be holding space and witnessing of oneself and others, which can lead to the opportunity for journaling, poetry, reflection, and drawing.
So come with your journals and favourite drawing materials, ready to explore and navigate your landscapes of the moment.

Gospel Choir ~ Body, Heart, and Soul — Deborah Rae Thomson
We’ll awaken our bodies, hearts, and souls to inner beauty and healing presence through the power and joy of gospel singing.

Mastering the Walking Practices of Murshid Samuel Lewis and Zikr Circle — Pir Shabda Kahn
We will go deeply into the many walking practices we learned over 50 years ago from Murshid Samuel Lewis including Astrological Walks and Breaths, Walks of the Centers, Wazifa Walks and Attunement Walks to the Masters, Saints and Prophets. Each day we will begin with some Zikr dances to warm the atmosphere.

Raga — Pir Shabda Kahn
North Indian Classical Music — raga — has been an oral tradition for several thousand years. In the twelfth century, the Sufis migrated to India, and their inner passion blended with the Indian devotion to give us the form of Indian classical raga music we enjoy today. In the flowing river of the great Chishti
Sufis of India, Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan brought Sufism and raga to the Western world for the first time in 1910.
This form of music has been nurtured by masters and saints throughout history as a spiritual path and means to open the heart of both the singer and the listener. Pir Shabda trained was with his music guru, Pandit Pran Nath, for twenty-four years, from 1972 to 1996.
All are welcome; no prior training necessary.

Sufi Invocation and Contemplation… You, Me, and Thee — Mary Kenney
Welcome one and all as we enjoy attention, breath,  sound and silence. Let’s embrace and explore the many states and stages that arise in our hearts as we attune to the Divine Invocation:
La illaha Il Allah
There is Nothing but Love

Zikr — Mary Kenney
Zikr, which translates to “remembrance” or “mentioning” in Arabic, is a spiritual practice that has been cherished by various religious traditions across the world. At its core, it is about repetition — the rhythmic recitation of sacred words or phrases. Zikr works by anchoring the mind and promoting mindfulness, allowing individuals to connect with the divine.