Mendocino Woodlands State Park, about thirty minutes inland from thespectacular northern California coast, is a natural wonderland nestled in 700 acres of redwood trees, ferns, glades, and meadows alongside a gentle (in summer!) river. Its rustic cabins and lodges were built during the Great Depression, and are protected as a National Historic Landmark. The Woodlands has been operated by the nonprofit Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association since 1949. Every year, when we return here for Sufi camp, we feel much gratitude for the many improvements we see, as well as for the preservation of the rustic spirit of the site, in harmony with Nature. Read more about the Woodlands on the MWCA web site.

NOTE: Regrettably, this beautiful, rustic camp site may present accessibility issues to some persons with physical challenges. Well-maintained dirt trails connect the cabins, dining hall, meeting hall and other class venues, and there are stairs and hills. If this brings up any questions in your mind, please contact the registrar or the camp manager to inquire.

Also visit the Woodlands on California State Parks