Days can vary from cold (50° F), overcast mornings and evenings to warm, sunny afternoons (60° – 90°). Dressing in layers is a good idea; if you are from a warm climate, bring a coat.

What to Bring

You will need to bring all your bedding — sheets (cabin cots are a bit narrower than twin-sized), blankets, pillows, quilts, and/or a sleeping bag (a fitted sheet un­derneath is nice). You will need to bring: towels, toiletries (including a cup), flashlights and/or electric lantern, and extra batteries (enough for at least one change). Please leave rechargeable items (toothbrushes, laptops, etc.) at home, as personal access to electricity at camp is extremely limited. You may also want to bring hiking shoes, swimwear for the river, mosquito repellent (nonaerosol), and sun screen. Please minimize scented lotions, etc., as some in our community have scent sensitivities.