In-person Camp is happening again next summer, July 16 – 23, 2023!

Consider splitting up your camp fee into bite-sized chunks! Make monthly payments and pave your way to camp, just the way you would join a club or pay a subscription — by mailing checks made payable to Golden Gate Sufi Circle (or just “GGSC”) to PO Box 588, Sebastopol, CA 95473.

Camp hasn’t yet figured out its fee structure for 2023 yet, but it’ll likely be near to the same as the last time we gathered in 2019. So, If you take a typical (in the past) full time adult camp fee of $695, you could start paying $115 each month starting in January, and camp would be almost all paid for by the end of June. For many of us, that is far more do-able than coming up with a larger sum at one time and all without paying interest on a credit card. It’s  like a go-to-camp club!

Simply contact the Camp Registrar first, then make your first deposit. Split up the rest of your camp fee however you wish, and create a payment schedule that works for you. We just need the balance paid in full by the first of July, 2023.