Here is the place where you can …

  1. Pay your camp fee balance if you’ve already registered.
  2. Or, pay an installment on your camp fees (simply register first, make your deposit, then split up the rest of your camp fee however you wish and create a payment schedule that works for you. We just need the balance paid up by July 1.)


IMPORTANT! If using PayPal or another online payment method
(once you’ve checked that we can accept it) after July 8, 2020,
please print your payment verification and bring it with you to camp!


    • Our preference is that you MAIL A CHECK, since camp then receives 100% of it with no fees taken out — allowing us to use all of your payment to sustain a wonderful camp program. Please make checks payable to “Golden Gate Sufi Circle” with camper’s name in the memo line, and mail to:

      Mendocino Sufi Camp
      PO Box 9945
      Glendale, CA 91226


    • CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD: We are happy to accept your camp fees online with your card. We have taken payments through PayPal for years, and are now trying to find another way to accept online payments. When you pay with PayPal, it costs camp 2.2% of your payment in fees; recent policy changes at PayPal mean that, if you have to cancel, camp no longer receives that 2.2% back. For now, we have left the Pay Now with PayPal button below, but please don’t use it until we have figured out what to do about online payments. If you do make a payment, please consider generously adding that 2.2% to your payment as an offset.


INSTRUCTIONS: First, register for camp.
Find the Register link in the top navigation bar; if it isn’t there, registration is not open at this time.
After you have registered, use the button below to make your payment.
Please enter your email (to match the email on your registration) and the names of the campers you are registering, as indicated. Then click or tap the “Pay Now” button, and you will be able to enter the amount you are paying (see the camp fees below the box if you haven’t already done your calculation). Thank you!

Your name:
Camper name(s):


Main Camp ~ July 19-26, 2020

Adults (age 27+)
Full time $695
Part time $138/day

Young Adults (age 19–26)
Full time    $550
Part time   $111/day

Teens (age 14–18)
Full time $500
Part time $99/day

Tweens (age 10–13)
Full time $450
Part time $90/day

Children (age 3–9)
Full time $400
Part time $81/day

Babies (age 0–2)

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Take $55 discount if registering by April 1, 2020 to attend Main Camp
(full-time attendance only; does not apply to young adults retreat).

Before-camp Young Adult Retreat (ages 18–29), $295–$445+ (sliding scale)