… about Mendocino Sufi Camp

This is my spiritual Homecoming …
The week that makes the other 51 bearable.
I want my ashes scattered here.
A wondrous world to live and be in for a week, filled with love,
harmony, and beauty
Connecting with dear friends and Murshids in a spiritually supportive
environment, where I can consolidate the previous year’s experience with
a deeper understanding of myself
It’s a love fest!

Looking Back over 43 Years at Mendocino Sufi Camp

Before becoming who I am today,
I found my home, my chosen family.
No one scolded, told me what to believe.
No one judged or said, “You don’t belong here.”
They simply made space for me in their hearts,
and gently taught me breath, walk, song, and dance.
Their gazes — kind, accepting, full of grace —
awakened me, and I felt safe to stretch.

Today, I seek to do the same for you —
uncertain, wide-eyed, sparkly with your dreams,
deep in your despair and loneliness…
This family welcomes you to slip into
unfamiliar joy! You’re truly seen here!
You can open your heart, find your own way!

— Jelehla Ziemba, 2023