Mendocino Sufi Young Adults Retreat offers a unique opportunity for young adults to connect with fellow seekers in a phase of life full of transitions. Young Adults (18–29) gather in the beauty of northern California’s redwoods to converse, sing, dance, and pray in community. Guest teachers (TBA) will help guide retreatants through the wealth of our Sufi lineage, including breathwork, zikr, and the Dances of Universal Peace.

This year’s retreat — the 20th! — will be July 16–20, 2023, at Mendocino Woodlands State Park’s Camp One, during the first half of Mendocino Sufi Camp (Sunday, July 16, 2pm through Thursday, July 20, 11am). Retreatants will have the option to pitch a tent or be housed near each other, in the cabins near the fire circle, which will be the exclusive gathering place for retreat activities. Meals will be provided by Mendocino Sufi Camp, and retreatants can choose to eat together if they wish. When the retreat ends,  retreatants may either leave, or stay on for the last days of Mendocino Sufi Camp (if registered; if not, they can talk to the camp managers about registering onsite).

More information will be provided as it becomes available.