9/16/2020: MENDOCINO WOODLANDS IS OK! Jelehla writes, “The last I heard, the Woodlands is safe; the closest fire (the August Complex, which is the biggest wildfire in California at almost 1200 square miles, and is 30% contained) is about 60 miles away. So far, everyone I’ve heard from in California, Oregon, and Washington are safe. Fingers crossed!”
Take a virtual hike up to the Big Tree — enjoy!

Dear Mendocino Sufi Camp Community,

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reluctantly canceling this year’s Mendocino Sufi Camp.

We will reunite at Mendocino Woodlands next summer, inshallah!

Mendocino Sufi Young Adults Retreat, July 13–17, 2021

Mendocino Sufi Camp, July 18–25, 2021

We are fortunate that the Mendocino Woodlands is rolling our deposit over to 2021, so camp will lose only around $2000 this year (printing and mailing the flyer, and a few miscellaneous expenses). As many of you know, Camp has been in a tenuous financial state for a number of years. If you are able, please consider making a donation to help stabilize Camp’s future (please visit MendoSufiCamp.org for info on making donations).

If you have already paid for this year’s camp, you have a few options:
Donate your 2020 deposit or full camp fee to help us defray this year’s sunk costs.
Roll over your deposit or full camp fee to the 2021 camp.
Request a refund.

Arifa Byron is willing to continue holding the concentration of Spiritual Director for 2021, although the theme may change to reflect our new reality. 

For now, we’ll see you in the inner planes, where there is infinite time and space. We will post a shared concentration on the Mendo Sufi Camp website and invite you to remember and embody the blessing of gathering in the Woodlands.  Remember singing, dancing, sitting in silence, drinking in the peace. Breathe in, breathe out, and remember the beauty of our souls gathered as one voice, one body, interconnected and woven into the life of the vast redwood forest. Breathe in, breathe out, and remember the Woodlands with its deep quiet; its vibrant green ferns uncurling; its beavers, swimming in the pond at dawn. Can you hear the distant lilt of the stream? The laughter, like crackling fire, at shared meals? Harmony, harmony, harmony, shared between open hearts. The earth’s heartbeat loud in our veins, moving us together. So, until we gather again, gather right now, in the oneness that always, already connects us. 

Much love,

Amina Meyer, Mendo Camp manager
Maleka Mau, Mendo Camp registrar
Aliye Gallagher, Mendo Camp email coordinator
Arifa Byron, Mendo Camp spiritual director 2020 2021
Libby Reyff, Mendo Young Adults Retreat codirector
Abby Khadijah Highland, Mendo Young Adults Retreat codirector
Jelehla Ziemba, Mendo Camps factotum


Located in the beautiful redwood forest of Northern California, Mendo Camp is the original Sufi Ruhaniat summer camp. Since 1975, our camp community has gathered every year to welcome seekers and devotees from many states and countries. Ours is a family-oriented camp, with fantastic programs for children and teens in addition to class offerings that illuminate the soul. Many of camp’s volunteer staff used to attend Mendo Camp as small children; now they are running the camp, leading and guiding us!

All are welcome!

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The 2021 flyer and registration form will be on this website on January 15, 2021, if not sooner.